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Access some of the world’s leading thinkers whose cutting-edge research in global business is grounded in real-world practicality. 


Simona Botti, Joint Academic Director, Professor of Marketing


David Faro, Joint Academic Director, Associate Professor of Marketing


Richard Hytner, Adjunct Professor of Marketing


Dr. Helen Edwards: Guest-lecturer, Business Author, Business Columnist, Partner at Passionbrand


David Taylor, Guest Lecturer, Founder & Managing Partner, the brandgym

Simona Botti, Joint Academic Director, Professor of Marketing

  • Nationality: Italian/American 
  • What Simona brings to the programme: Simona teaches on brand strategy and brand execution. Her research focuses on consumer behaviour and decision making. She is particularly interested in the psychological processes underlying perceived personal control, and how the different ways of providing and exercising control influence consumers’ satisfaction and well-being. 
  • Real-world experience: Simona collaborates with companies on topics related to consumer behaviour, decision making and brand management.

David Faro, Joint Academic Director, Associate Professor of Marketing

  • Nationality: Turkish/Italian 
  • What David brings to the programme: David delivers on using managerial insights to build a customer-focused organisation, brand strategy and brand execution. He is an expert in behavioural economics and decision-making. David’s specific research interests include consumer behaviour, time perception, and decision related to finance and health. 
  • Real-world experience: In addition to his academic work, David consults companies on how to use behavioural insights to improve their products and services.

Richard Hytner, Adjunct Professor of Marketing

  • Nationality: British 
  • What Richard brings to the programme: Richard teaches on gaining and leveraging deep customer insight and brand execution: delivering the brand through communication. 
  • Real-world experience: Richard is Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide. He has 30 years’ experience working with a diverse range of brands including Unilever, Virgin, Nestlé, the British Army, Renault, Toyota, T Mobile and Diageo. Richard speaks to clients, conferences and business schools around the world on the concept of ‘Lovemarks’, creativity, leading strategic transformation, and corporate strategy. Richard teaches leaders how to unearth fresh actionable customer and managerial insights; reignite individual, team and organisational creativity; and build winning brands and businesses.

Dr. Helen Edwards, Guest-lecturer, Partner at Passionbrand and business author and columnist


  • Nationality: British
  • What Helen brings to the programme: Helen teaches brand delivery and how to create and deliver a consistent and cohesive brand strategy across all internal and external brand touchpoints. Her writing and research focuses on best-practice branding, symbolic consumption and the value of emotional brand connection.
  • Real-world experience: Helen is a partner at strategic brand consultancy Passionbrand, helping to direct global brand strategy for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Avon, MetLife, EDF Energy, BBC Worldwide and Smith & Nephew. She is an award-winning business columnist – writing for industry journals Marketing Week and Campaign – and a regular judge for industry awards. She co-authored Creating Passion Brands: how to build emotional brand connection with customers, published in 2005 by Kogan Page, and has since contributed chapters for The Definite Book of Branding (Sage, 2014), Advertising Works 24 (IPA, 2018), and Eat Your Greens – a collection of essays from industry leaders on evidence-based marketing (APG, 2018).
    What Helen brings to the programme:

David Taylor, Guest Lecturer, Founder & Managing Partner, the brandgym



  • Nationality: British
  • What David brings to the programme:David teaches people about how to drive organic growth from your core business
  • Real-world experience: David has been named one of the world’s 50 most important marketing thinkers by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He is founder and managing partner of the brandgym, a global network of brand coaches who help companies create an inspiring brand vision and action plans to turn into growth. Key clients include Nespresso, Philips, Vodafone, Mars and LVMH. David has authored seven acclaimed books, each topping Amazon’s branding best-seller list. He has also published many articles in Brand Strategy, Marketing, Market Leader, The Guardian and The Marketer.

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Duration: 5 days
Next start: 28 Oct 2019
Fees: £7,500
Location: London

2019 dates and fees:

  • 28 Oct - 01 Nov 2019
  • Fees: £7,500

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