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Embed creativity in your organisation


This programme gives you the marketing tools to create innovative products, reinvent the way you bring them to market and deliver beyond your customer's expectations.

Develop the skills, knowledge and insights to define a vision, identify new opportunities and unleash market-driving innovations within your industry.


You learn how new products, processes and business models can be the source of sustainable competitive advantage for your company. Explore the challenges of managing marketing in the new reality of global, interconnected markets.


  • What you learn

    Learn the frameworks, skills and knowledge to deliver long-term, market-driving strategies, even in the most saturated marketplace.


    Leading breakthrough innovations

    Recognise your current commercial boundaries and explore how to overcome them.


    Think differently

    Develop your ability to energise creativity in your business.


    New strategies

    Learn how to create strategies that make a real difference.


    Market yourself differently

    Understand how to radically differentiate your products, services and brands in B2C and B2B contexts.


    Building new market capabilities

    Transform markets by leveraging resources from inside and outside your organisation.


    Entering and dominating markets

    Learn to manage the roll-out of new products and services, and pioneer new markets.


    Building a culture of innovation

    Discover how to foster an environment where new ideas and creativity can flourish.

  • How you learn

    How you learn

    Experience an unparalleled mix of theory and practical insight. Teaching is grounded in real-life experience to enable you to develop practical techniques and strategies that are immediately applicable. 

    Market Driving Strategies is presented by leading thinkers, who bring both cutting-edge research and real-world experience to the programme. You will be taught by some of the School’s most creative and innovative minds including Rajesh ChandyJohn MullinsDavid ArnoldRichard Hytner and Nader Tavassoli

    Relevant case studies demonstrate how other companies have come up with new and creative ideas, identified and overcome barriers and stimulate you to think about how you might deal with similar opportunities and challenges.


    Skill-building case studies

    Real-life case studies, sourced from around the world, challenge you to think about which strategies work and why, and how you might deal with similar situations. Previous case studies include: M-Pesa, which examines the mental boundaries that prevent us from spotting opportunities; Royal Hygiene Care, which explores how to drive markets on the back of socioeconomic change; and Red Bull: the ‘Anti-brand’ brand, which focusses on driving markets from the inside out, and the outside in. 


    Real-world insights from business leaders

    Guest speakers on this programme share their experience of working with ground-breaking new products and services across diverse sectors. Previous speakers include: Nick Hughes, founder of the M-Pesa mobile money scheme; Christian Hernandez, Managing Partner at White Star Capital; and Savio Kwan, the former President and Board Member of e-commerce specialist


    Practical interactive learning

    Visit the Museum of Brands to see how marketing theory is put into practice. Explore the importance of brand: work in groups to discuss the role of technology and social media in branding.

  • Your learning experience

    Your learning experience


    • Leading breakthrough innovation
    • Thinking differently; energising creativity


    • Motivation the purchase
    • Doing things right vs doing the right thing


    • Driving markets on the back of socioeconomic change
    • Co-creating new market space


    • Driving business markets
    • Hindsight, insight, foresight


    • Shaping the future
    • Driving markets

Key details

Duration: 5 days
Next start: 23 Apr 2018
Fees: £7,300
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 23 - 27 Apr 2018
  • 05 - 09 Nov 2018

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