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Benefits and impact

Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge and insights to define a vision, identify opportunities and unleash market-driving innovations within your industry.

Increase your company’s market share by gaining tools and techniques for delivering in-house strategic planning and deliver a leap in customer value through better use of customer insights.

Benefits to you

  • Gain the skills to foster a culture of innovation and creativity within your organisation
  • Generate new ideas and break new ground in products, services and industries
  • Identify and articulate latent customer needs, socioeconomic trends and technological developments that could lead to opportunities to reshape your industry
  • Drive growth by entering and dominating emerging or untapped markets
  • Acquire specific tools that can be applied in your workplace as part of your organisation's strategic decision-making process.

Benefits for your organisation

You gain a high-value marketing strategist who can:

  • develop stronger in-house capability to deliver long-term strategic planning
  • make innovation the engine for your organisation’s long-term growth
  • deliver shareholder value through industry transformation
  • leverage customer insights to deliver a sustained increase in customer value and business success.

Key details

Duration: 5 days
Next start: 05 Nov 2018
Fees: £7,300
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 05 - 09 Nov 2018
  • 29 Apr - 03 May 2019*

*Please note 2019 fees are TBC

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