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Proteus takes you on an exhilarating journey of learning way beyond the lecture theatre, where discovery trips and new experiences offer a unique space to witness, reflect and plan new horizons for yourself, your organisation and your legacy.

Led by our world-renowned faculty, Nigel Nicholson and Patricia Hodgins, and global leaders from a variety of fields, you experience diverse subjects, from evolution to education and art, to refresh your powers of discovery, creativity and leadership.

  • What you learn

    Human design

    Examine the type of animal humans are and our role in the natural order. How our biological identity reveals itself in the cultures, structures and contradictions of contemporary society.


    Global development

    See first-hand the forces of economic development and globalisation in the metropolis and consider what you and your organisation can do to play a constructive role in societal transformation.


    Scientific discovery

    Meet inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs and hear their stories. Discover how structures and management processes can harness invention and innovation to yield lasting social value and transformed individuals.


    The creative spirit

    Experience the visual and dramatic arts to witness new ways of engaging creativity, leadership and group dynamics in organisations. Understand what inhibits creativity in working environments and how you can liberate the creative spirit in your life and organisation.


    Transformational leadership

    Examine the biographical and social forces that give us ‘VIP’ leaders – leaders with Vision – Identity – and Passion. See how leadership has changed historically and what young people expect of you today.


    Biography and destiny

    Analyse the forces that shape the lives of leaders, and map your own life journey to examine how you can enhance your control over your own destiny and legacy.

  • How you learn

    Proteus is a bold approach to personal development, and we expect you to be bold too. You will learn by setting aside your inhibitions, trying new things and throwing yourself into the experience and tasks that make up this very special journey.


    Think differently and ask the big questions

    Step outside the business world to see your work and life from a new perspective by exploring the journey of the human species on a visit to London Zoo*. Hear from Volker Sommer, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, about how we developed from primates into beings with a unique identity. 


    Liberate your creativity

    We use activities to help you find and unlock your creative spirit. An interactive and exploratory art workshop enables you to recognise your own creativity and learn how to use it in ways that can benefit your business and you personally. 


    Fresh perspectives on leadership

    Visit the National Portrait Gallery, where Deputy Director Pim Baxter helps us reflect on leaders in history. You debate the forces that shaped their lives, and what leadership has meant at different periods in time.

    *programme elements subject to change

  • Your learning experience

    Your life-changing week:


    • Welcome session
    • Mapping my world


    • The human animal
    • Living ethics
    • Your life journey
    • Encounters in the field: London Zoo


    Global development

    • Encounters in the field: Central St Martins, Social Entrepreneurs and London primary school


    • Scientific leadership and innovation ecosystems
    • Encounters in the field: Cambridge Science Park


    • The creative spirit
    • Visual arts workshop
    • Drama workshop


    • Encounters in the field: National Portrait Gallery and college visit
    • Conversations with the next generation


    • Exploring the life line-future directions and goals
    • Final thoughts and reflections

Key details

Duration: 6 days
Next start: 02 Jun 2019
Fees: £13,300
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 02 - 08 Jun 2019

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Email: proteus@london.edu

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