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Benefits and impact

Refresh and transform your work and perspectives through deeply thought-provoking encounters. People, places and ideas inspire new ways of connecting with your business, relationships and the wider world. 

You will have space to focus on the challenges and legacy questions you face for the rest of your career and formulate change plans to make a lasting impact on your organisation's culture, your professional roles and your future.

Participant Experience

Benefits for you

  • Review your life and career goals and set objectives for your future development and that of your organisation.
  • Understand and begin to enhance your leadership legacy.
  • Make more informed business decisions grounded in broader perspectives on the ways in which societies and organisations operate.
  • Become an agent of innovation and renewal, and a creator of value for your organisation.
  • Build long-term connections and broaden your perspectives through creative interactions with fellow participants.
  • Gain external perspective on your leadership style and define the leader you will be in future.
  • Leave with a personal plan for the next stages of career and/or personal life.

Benefits for your organisation

Your organisation gains a leader who can:

  • transform your organisation’s culture
  • prepare your organisation for change and transformation
  • improve business decision-making processes from a holistic viewpoint
  • liberate in-house creativity and inspire your workforce
  • renew and create value for your organisation.

Key details

Duration: 6 days
Next start: 02 Jun 2019
Fees: £13,300
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 02 - 08 Jun 2019

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