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Leading Businesses into the Future is an intensive five-day programme that gives you the practical tools to future-proof your organisation. It shapes your leadership style, hones your understanding of innovation and change, and you learn how to analyse the global, economic and technological trends affecting your business.

Everything you learn is embedded in real-world, practical learning, centred on your needs and focussed on delivering real impact as your organisation prepares for the future.

  • What you learn

    Leading Businesses into the Future encompasses four key pillars of contextual leadership, to manage the challenges that lie ahead for your organisation.


    1. Build your organisation’s collaborative capacity

    Wire your organisation to allow the easy flow of information and ideas. Discover ways to build stronger networks and leverage those connections to make working more effective.


    2. Disrupt with new perspectives

    Ensure your organisation has a continual infusion of new perspectives and diverse opinions. Learn to harness diversity and disrupt the assumptions and biases holding your organisation back.


    3. Ask great questions

    Frame business challenges in ways that inspire teams to generate innovative solutions. Unearth valuable insights into emerging customer trends, needs and perspectives by considering new models for shaping questions.


    4. Engage with meaning

    Tap into the personal affiliation each individual has to your organisation by expressing your own unique passion and commitment to the business. Reflect on your own values and find ways to demonstrate them through your leadership style and management practices.

  • How you learn

    Thinking ahead

    The programme is led by Professor Lynda Gratton and Executive Fellow Tammy Erickson, two outstanding leadership thinkers, whose insights shape the most innovative and resilient companies around the world. Their original research provides you with sophisticated thought leadership and practical application. You also learn from distinctive guest speakers, including Professor Rob Goffee, author of Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?


    A personal coaching plan

    Undertake an organisational diagnostic to identify opportunities to secure your organisation for the future.  Personal coaching with a consultant helps you apply the insights you are gathering to identify specific, high-impact interventions that will help you lead in innovative ways. Your personal leadership plan will be the blueprint for what comes next, and a coaching follow-up supports the implementation of these changes.


    London is your classroom

    To gain a more rounded understanding of successful organisations we visit locations around London which capture the shifting nature of work throughout time. We place these organisations in their historical context, identifying the traditions and logic that has shaped business practice. We question the assumptions that underpinned their approaches and apply them to the present, creating organisations fit for the future.

  • Your learning experience

    Your week of immersive learning 

    • Pre-programme Diagnosis on your organisation 
    • Complete an individual profile 


    •  Introducing your ‘best self’ 


    • Understanding what it means to work here 
    • Transforming purpose, strategies and brands 
    • Reflecting your values in specific processes and leadership practices 
    • Assessment results, group work and one-to-one coaching sessions to understand the implications for your organisation and increase your personal effectiveness 


    •  The future of work – a timeline of future challenges 
    •  The bias of history – assumptions that limit us today 
    •  Programme dinner in a London landmark 


    • Hot Spots – collaboration, productivity and the role of networks 
    • Generation Y’s view of the future of work 
    • Assessment results, group work and one-to-one coaching sessions 


    • Leading with authenticity and meaning 
    • How great questions ignite an organisation 
    • Group challenge, assessment results and individual assignment to identify great questions for your organisation 
    • Farewell dinner 


    • Leading for Resilience - your organisation’s purpose in the future community 
    • Finalising your plans for leading your organisation into the future 
    • Post-programme follow up 
    • Personalised reading list Additional one-to-one coaching sessions

Key details

Duration: 5.5 days
Next start: 23 Jun 2019
Fees: £11,900
Location: London

2019 dates and fees:

  • 23 - 28 Jun 2019
  • 17 - 22 Nov 2019
  • Fees: £11,900

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Contact Tim Pearson, Client Relationship Manager.

Email: lbf@london.edu

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