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To be a great leader, you need vision, purpose and energy

Over five and a half intensive days, examine your personal leadership strengths and potential flaws. Learn from some of the world’s brightest minds – Dan Cable, an award-winning expert on organisational change and human behaviour, and Herminia Ibarra ranked eighth by Thinkers 50 in its list of the world’s most influential business gurus.

  • What you learn

    Learn how to be an effective leader in five steps.


    Finding purpose

    Everyone has the right to ask: what’s the point? The most effective organisations are ones where individual differences are nurtured, work is meaningful and the company adds value. Script the journey of your business, inspire people to follow and then realise the impact you have on others.


    Empowering others

    Why should anyone be led by you? When you empower those around you to do their best work, you add value as a leader. Examine the art of leading and being led. Once you understand team dynamics and the qualities each member brings, you can help others reach their potential.


    Enabling change

    The basis of organisational change is small changes in human behaviour. So, your first task is to make people believe that change is worthwhile. Develop the skills to influence others and the techniques to understand deep-rooted corporate culture. Then, learn how to build and sustain change.


    Influencing effectively

    If the future of innovation is collaboration, you hold the key. Learn and apply proven tactics to enhance your influencing skills. Discover how to win backing for your ideas, in a collaborative, supportive environment, where you have the freedom to experiment.


    Leveraging your strengths

    Through 360-degree feedback, explore your ability to be an effective leader. Identify your own key strengths as well as the qualities people around you admire – learn how you can best leverage them to enhance your leadership impact.

  • How you learn

    How you learn

    This out-of- your-seat experience will take you on a journey that continually links theory to practical application. Skill-building sessions present you with real-life situations where you can identify what works and solutions for what doesn’t. Take part in group discussions, share insights with your peers and gain fresh perspectives on business challenges.


    Develop self-awareness

    Complete a 360-degree survey before you begin the programme, where you receive constructive feedback on your leadership style. When taking our Self Signature Strengths Assessment, you discover what people in your life consider to be your best self. The results deliver unique insights into your personality and leadership qualities, and underpin your learning for the week.


    Real business insights

    Our faculty’s research draws on relevant cases that breathe life into theory. Dan Cable sheds light on how businesses can transform when employees create value based on their strengths. Herminia Ibarra examines personal identity in a leadership context and brings expertise to help you maximise the benefits of your network.


    Your personal journey

    Our personalised coaching sessions help you adapt what you’ve learnt to your own leadership needs. A customised action plan supports your ability to implement changes immediately upon return to work – compounded by a follow-up coaching session post programme, which ensures you stay on track.

  • Your learning experience

    Your learning experience


    • Welcome and introduction
    • Understanding yourself as a leader
    • Networking supper


    • Communicating direction
    • Energising others
    • Understanding yourself as a leader
    • Coaching sessions


    • Transitioning to bigger leadership roles
    • How leaders create and use networks
    • Coaching sessions


    • Enabling organisational change


    • Influence with authority
    • Leadership, power and career success cycles
    • Coaching sessions
    • Closing dinner


    • Understanding yourself and energising others
    • Action planning and post-programme commitments
    • Programme review and close

Key details

Duration: 5.5 days
Next start: 25 Feb 2018
Fees: £8,300
Location: London

Next Programme dates:

  • 25 Feb - 02 Mar 2018
  • 22 - 27 Apr 2018
  • 01 - 06 Jul 2018
  • 23 - 28 Sep 2018
  • 11 - 16 Nov 2018

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