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Act, speak and think like a leader?

If not, what's in your way?

Successful leadership is about acting and thinking like a leader, activating your best self and unlocking potential in others. So to define purpose, build credibility and exercise influence, start by asking hard questions about who you are and what you stand for.

As a senior executive, you need to set the direction and influence others – at times without authority. How can you do that if your perceived ‘fatal flaws’ and personal ambitions are pushed deep, deep down? Just 20%* of employees say they have the chance to do their best work every day. Do you?

How you benefit


Learn from some of the world’s brightest minds: Dan Cable, an award-winning expert on organisational change and human behaviour, and Herminia Ibarra ranked eighth by Thinkers 50 in its list of the world’s most influential business gurus. Also:

  • Advance your leadership skills by mastering five key pillars – define purpose, leverage your strengths, influence people, empower others and enable change

  • Enhance your strongest traits – and crush fatal flaws

  • Define your personal and organisational priorities – with the help of an executive coach** and 360 degree feedback

  • Activate a coaching mentality – to manage conflict effectively and foster authentic, high-performing teams

  • Disrupt business as usual – with new, global perspectives triggered by a world-class peer group.

Does your network prepare you for the future? And do you have the ability to be your best self every day? Take time out to consider your answers and discover ideas, frameworks and tools critical to your leadership success.

* Gallup

**You will benefit from one group and three individual coaching sessions as well as one follow-up session, post-programme.

Key details

  • Duration: 5.5 days
  • Next start: 25 Feb 2018
  • Fees: £8,300
  • Location: London
  • Next programme dates:

    • 25 Feb - 02 Mar 2018

    • 22 - 27 Apr 2018

    • 01 - 06 Jul 2018

    • 23 - 28 Sep 2018

    • 11 - 16 Nov 2018

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