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Programme content

Increase energy, innovation and resilience in your people

Gain the ability to optimise best practice in employee engagement, understand organisational culture and lead change. You learn how to hone competitive advantage through HR and align HR strategies with business objectives. 

Develop a new focus on the future of the working environment – the role of technology and the development of ‘futuring skills’. This unique component of the programme ensures that your organisation is prepared for and adaptable to change.

The Living Strategy framework

The programme focuses on how to put people at the heart of your organisation through a six-step guide:

  1. Building guiding coalitions
  2. Imagining the future
  3. Understanding current capabilities and identifying the gaps
  4. Mapping the system
  5. Modelling the dynamics
  6. Bridging into action.

Thought leadership from pioneering faculty

Professor Lynda Gratton is a world-leading expert on human resource strategy, offering her expertise to businesses around the globe. Her input gives you unrivalled access to cutting-edge  research not available anywhere else in the world.

Rob Goffee is an internationally respected professor and facilitator. He has taught executives from the world’s leading companies, challenging them to develop their leadership capabilities. He is co-author of Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? and What it Takes to Be an Authentic Leader

Dan Cable is an internationally renowned thought leader on all aspects of change - leadership, organisational, psychological and strategic.

Gareth Jones is considered one of Europe’s leading professional services consultants and is co-author of Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? and What it Takes to Be an Authentic Leader.

  • What you learn


    Create a vision for your organisation using a ‘Living Strategy,’ a six-step guide highlighting the importance of putting people at the heart of corporate activity.



    Learn how to create a highly motivated and innovative company by using state-of-the-art strategies.



    Understand the importance culture and values play in building and supporting an organisation and its employees.



    Learn to implement integrated human resource strategy that manages change successfully.



    Maximise human resources by offering a greater range of choices to employees.

  • How you learn

    Broaden your skills and perspectives with a range of highly effective learning techniques. Case studies from leading organisations and Professor Gratton’s ground-breaking work Hot Spots – exploring why some organisations buzz with energy and others do not – form the framework for the programme.


    Leading insights from global speakers

    Gain unique insights into the latest practices from a panel of specialists and understand the trends in work, leadership and HR. Previous panellists include Geraldine Haley, Group Head of Leadership, Effectiveness and Succession at Standard Chartered Bank and David Williams, former People Director at Asda.


    Tailored organisational insights

    Your colleagues complete a pre-programme survey which helps create a unique tailored profile of your company, highlighting trends, risk areas and organisational capabilities. The survey considers the strategic alignment between business strategy and a number of key human resource processes and also informs your personal action plan for returning to work.

  • Your learning experience

    Your learning experience: 


    Living Strategy

    Visualising the future

    Building resilience



    Sharing best practice principles 

    ‘Signature processes’: the individual characteristics of your business

    Understanding the processes and culture of your organisation



    Setting the agenda for HR

    Social architecture as a source of competitive advantage

    Leadership and change



    Aligning HR to business strategy

    ‘Hot Spots’: Creating organisations that buzz with energy



    Action taking

    Personal learning plans

Key details

Duration: 5.5 days
Next start: 09 Jun 2019
Fees: £8,500
Location: London

2019 dates and fees:

  • 09 - 14 Jun 2019
  • 10 – 15 Nov 2019
  • Fees: £8,500

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