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Let customers rather than venture capitalists validate your business idea

How do you know if you have a winning concept? Learn how to let customers validate your business idea—and to finance its growth—without giving up your equity.

Benefits to you:

  • Learn five proven business models for startup success that preserve the founder’s equity
  • Understand how to apply those models in many startup scenarios such as:
    • B2B and B2C
    • For-profit and not-for-profit
    • Across all industries
  • Experience a highly interactive learning environment with live faculty webinars, giving you the opportunity to ask specific questions
  • Contribute to moderated discussion boards that expand your learning and foster new relationships with fellow change agents from across the globe
  • Learn how successful firms such as Uber, Netflix and Zara funded early-stage growth, as well as some failures showing what went wrong
  • Build credibility as a founder by showing your certificate of completion in Startup Success: Five Proven Business Models.

Key details

Duration: 2 months: 4-6 hours per week
Next start: 24 January 2019
Fees: £1,500 (US$1,975)
Location: Online

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Email: lbs@emeritus.org

Tel: +44 2897 441155

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