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Benefits and impact

Become a skilful deal negotiator 


This programme brings together high-potential entrepreneurs and investors seeking to finance entrepreneurial ventures. Gain practical tools and frameworks for structuring deals to ensure successful outcomes.

Benefits for investors

  • Discover what you should look for when making deals

  • Understand valuation techniques and their application

  • Grasp what drives entrepreneurs and how to build “win-win” outcomes

  • Understand how to leverage your money with funds from other sources 

  • Find out why the vast majority of venture capitalists deliver no returns to their investors

  • Learn how to structure deals to improve return

  • Understand how to manage IPOs, exits and trade sales

  • Build a network of other investors and entrepreneurs to enhance deal flow.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

  • Learn what business angels and venture capitalists are looking for

  • Value what an early stage venture or a buyout is really worth

  • Discover what drives investors and how to build "win-win" outcomes

  • Understand how to buy a business with “other people’s money”

  • Learn to identify an investor who can add value

  • Learn the implications of venture capitalists’ financial instruments and how to counter them

  • Understand the implications of various exit strategies for entrepreneurs and shareholders

  • Answer the most crucial question: Why will – or won’t – my idea work?

Benefits for your organisation

You gain a high-potential executive who can:

  • make better valuations

  • choose the right financing options

  • determine the best exit strategy

  • avoid costly pitfalls

  • enhance deal flow or financing options through a strong international network..

An international point of view 

Boost your confidence and readiness to do business in different cultures and markets through comparative analysis of organisations across the globe. The global perspective of this course empowers you to seek out deals anywhere in the world. 

London adds its own invaluable equity to the programme with its thriving commercial and creative activity close at hand. Leverage the global business networking opportunities that this location offers. 


Key details

Duration: 5 days
Next start: 11 Nov 2019
Fees: £7,500
Location: London

2019 dates and fees:

  • 11 - 15 Nov 2019
  • Fees: £7,500

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