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Programme content

Change the way you look at financial data, develop an analytical perspective and gain the confidence and knowledge to hone successful strategies. Learning is not focused on the theory of finance but rather on the insights financial information gives to business understanding.

Gain the latest best-practice techniques in finance from our world-class faculty and your peers – fellow senior managers from a global range of industries and job functions.

  • What you learn

    Focus on three key themes of financial management and gain valuable insights into delivering shareholder value:


    Interpreting company accounts

    Find out what a business’s balance sheet, income statements and financial footnotes tell you about its performance. Learn how to effectively identify future problems and successfully exploit opportunities.


    Use accounting for management decisions

    Gain certainty when predicting your organisation’s future performance. Explore the role of financial performance and risks, customer profitability, product and service costs and project appraisal.


    Analyse shareholder value

    Keeping shareholders onside is key to strategic decision-making and market survival. Explore the role of company valuation, risk and return relationships and performance measures.

  • How you learn

    Practical exercises take you on a journey of discovery, where fresh insights and new perspectives help you hone your financial decision-making skills.


    Annual report analysis

    You are immersed in an intensive, interactive and practical learning environment, where everything you learn can be directly applied to your business. Analyse annual reports of two leading supermarkets to fully understand financial performance, recognise opportunities and forecast different decision on profitability.


    Carefully chosen case studies

    Our faculty select an international mix of case studies from real-world business scenarios and a range of industries to illuminate the role of finance in your decision-making processes. An in-depth analysis of Ryanair develops your knowledge of shareholder value analysis, while studying the Classic Pen Company explores product priorities, service and customer profitability. 

  • Your learning experience

    Your learning experience


    You learn how to analyse a company's performance through balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statement


    You look at forecasting and budgeting performance, as well as ways to measure product and customer profitability.


    You learn to use net present value and discounted cash-flow techniques to conduct project appraisal or valuation. you also explore how to use sensitivity analysis to assess risk and then apply an appropriate discount rate to take the risk into account.


    You explore techniques for analysing shareholder value including company valuation, risk and return relationships and how to estimate a company's required rate of return. you also look at assessing and managing the key drivers of performance and shareholder value.


    You examine current issues in performance measurement as well as applying the shareholder value concept  internally to drive business decisions.

Key details

Duration 5.5 Days

Next start 31 Mar 2019

Fees £7,500

Location London

2019 dates and fees:

  • 31 Mar - 05 Apr 2019

  • 23 - 28 Jun 2019

  • 22 - 27 Sep 2019

  • 08 - 13 Dec 2019

  • Fees: £7,500

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