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Benefits and impact

You build your understanding and confidence in finance through teaching that is grounded in current, relevant thinking and placed in the context of the decisions you make every day.

Benefits to you

  • Gain the skills and confidence to use financial information to improve your company’s performance.

  • Master financial language and terminology and communicate with confidence.

  • Leverage the global networking and cultural opportunities that the financial hub of London offers.

  • Make informed and valued contributions to board-level discussions with new expertise and a deeper understanding of financial reports.

  • Understand how to analyse and benchmark your company’s financial performance.

  • Gain the skills to prepare budgets and forecasts for operations and develop models relevant to answering short-run 'what if' questions.

  • Perform project appraisals using discounted cash-flows principles and net present value (NPV) techniques.

  • Develop critical finance skills so you can effectively identify future problems and successfully exploit opportunities.

Benefits for your organisation

You gain an executive who can: 

  • make effective decisions, backed up with a clear understanding of the implications for your company’s financial performance and value 

  • use activity analysis to manage product and customer costs

  • understand the relationship between risk and return

  • make better operational decisions based on the factors affecting performance and shareholder value.

Key details

Duration: 5.5 days
Next start: 10 Jun 2018
Fees: £7,300
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 10 - 15 Jun 2018
  • 16 - 21 Sep 2018
  • 25 - 30 Nov 2018

Contact us

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