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BUPA joins the GBC

09 May 2016

Ever wondered how big companies solve their biggest problems? Twenty years ago, we formed the Global Business Consortium for businesses to share knowledge. Read about our newest recruit.


Bupa is the latest company to join some of the world’s leading organisations on London Business School’s Global Business Consortium (GBC). The company – together with existing members DP World, MARS, Emirates, Oracle and GEA – is set to find solutions to its biggest challenges, as well as inspiration for new ideas, outside its area of expertise. In January 2016, the GBC board made a unanimous decision that the healthcare specialist should join the consortium known as the ‘insider’s network’. Bupa’s global reach, high profile reputation in a growing and changing healthcare market and distinctive learning philosophy made it the perfect fit.

The GBC, which has been running for more than 20 years, empowers senior executives to learn from different industries across the world and develop a strong, strategic business perspective. It enables member company executives to ask important questions. How would an airline solve this problem? How would a manufacturer pursue this opportunity? And simply, what other business models are available that I could also consider? The programme spans 20 days and up to six cities across the globe.

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