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About the programme

How will the changing role of government and people living longer affect the public sector? Our programme helps Microsoft Sales Teams to understand the forces likely to shape the global economy in the next 40 years. They gain the insight and expertise to help customers maximise their business opportunities and overcome any potential risks. 

Participants discover the challenges facing public sector organisations and explore how they can help customers with their project-related investment decisions. Microsoft Sales Teams also learn how to see the world through their clients’ eyes and better relate to their priorities and constraints.

Why choose this programme?

Microsoft Sales Teams gain the insight and expertise to support their clients with:

  • Strategic stakeholder management – discovering how to identify and manage complex stakeholder relationships in the public sector.
  • Building better organisations – showing customers how to think differently about organisation and management, perform more efficiently and effectively, and embrace new ways of working
  • Business model innovation – giving clients the confidence to deliver services differently, develop ideas and improve their business.

By understanding their clients, Microsoft Sales Teams can deliver value and suggest solutions to maximise opportunities and address any issues or concerns.

Partnering with Microsoft 

London Business School (LBS) works with Microsoft on a dynamic learning solution that’s tailored to its business needs – and we do the same for other organisations around the globe. The client’s goals – both for its people and the business itself – define the content and the measurement criteria for each programme.

We are ranked in the top five business schools globally (by the Financial Times) for our Executive Education programmes. Many of the world's most successful businesses choose us as their learning partner because of our global reputation for delivering custom programmes at scale, and at speed, anywhere in the world.

By choosing an award-winning Executive Education provider (EFMD Excellence in Practice 2013), clients transform their people and business, through the insights gained from our learning experts and our world-class faculty and speakers.

Who we are

As one of the world’s elite business institutes, we shape business practice and transform careers across the globe. Our academic strength drives original and provocative business thinking, empowering our people to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique academic environment.

Our faculty, students and alumni are engaged, passionate and ambitious, giving them the determination to push boundaries and experiment. We also have leading core faculty members from around the world who combine leading academia with real world experience.

In four decades, our graduates and programme participants have increased by 10 and 20 times respectively. We now have more than 40,000 alumni, with 87 alumni clubs spread across every continent.

Our world-class Executive Education programmes reach 10,000 participants each year and we’ve more than 1000 companies have used our open enrolment programmes to drive their talent strategy. 60 per cent of our customised learning solutions are delivered overseas in more than 35 countries.

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