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Why sustainability matters

Gone are the days when you could afford to ignore your firm’s environmental and social impact. In today’s global landscape your footprint is visible, your responsibility is clear. Get it wrong and your profits suffer.

How you tackle this is changing too. Sustainability issues no longer represent risks to manage – they are opportunities for growth and innovation, to strengthen brand loyalty and win trust.

Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, shares the findings of his in-depth research into the vital synergy between sustainability and profitability.

How you can benefit

Firms that place sustainability at the heart of their strategy enjoy superior financial performance over the long term and are valued more highly by investors. Their management engage more meaningfully with shareholders and stakeholders, resulting in a resilient organisation fuelled by purpose.

Through diagnostics, group learning, case studies, discovery visits and guest speakers, explore how to integrate sustainability into your core strategy, embedding it in your organisation for long-term competitive advantage.

What’s on offer

  • Identify, evaluate, design and implement strategies for sustainability

  • Manage the transition to a new business model around sustainability

  • Gain tools and frameworks to identify key stakeholders and handle conflicting expectations

  • Align and integrate strategy and sustainability investments

  • Measure your sustainability efforts and communicate them to the investment community, shareholders and stakeholders to build competitive advantage and trust

  • Understand the role of capital markets in evaluating and rewarding corporate engagement with sustainability

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