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Your organisation is not fit for the future unless it is fit for its people

What stops you innovating?

Innovation is your company’s true competitive advantage. It’s the only way to guarantee long-term relevance. Despite this, while many CEOs claim that innovation is a top priority, few employees would say their organisations are any good at it.

It’s time to hack management in the name of making innovation a way of life, says Gary Hamel, Visiting Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School and co-founder of the Management Lab and the Management Innovation Exchange. It’s time for Management 2.0.

What’s Management 2.0?

Organisations aren’t built for innovation. They’re held together by old management models, promoting efficiency and discipline. These traits are important, but they don’t drive innovation. Management models today must foster initiative, passion and creativity.

What are the benefits of practicing Management 2.0?

You will empower your people and organisation to be more human, more entrepreneurial, more empowered, by:

  1. Developing the mind-sets of individuals to think like innovators;
  2. Building a firm that does not react with ‘rejection’ to innovation.

What’s on offer?

  • Innovation Academy – invest in your personal creative capability as a business leader with this eight-week online module: think of this as a boot camp to build business innovation skills.
  • Innovation Hackathon – turn your company into an innovation powerhouse either face-to-face in 2-3 days of plenary sessions, or over three months with this virtual 12-unit module.

Make innovation the lifeblood of your organisation: don’t let old management models hold you back.

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