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Impact back in the workplace

Make a lasting impact on the culture and commercial success of your organisation by collaborating with us to develop your people in line with business and personal objectives. 

Impact is felt at an individual, business unit and enterprise level, and the profound personal transformations that occur on our programmes embed learning far deeper than most corporate programmes, leading to long-term tangible business impact.

Ongoing monitoring, and feedback from the participants themselves, continuously refines the programmes, strengthening your return on investment. 


Prestigious peer-voted Executive Education award

EFMD Award won by London Business School in partnership with:

  • A. T. Kearney (2018) for 'Excellence in practice: Executive Development'
  • Danone (2013) for 'Excellence in practice: Impact of custom executive education'
  • Lufthansa’s School of Business (2009) for 'Operational excellence / programme management / business impact'

European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) is an international organisation of 700 members from academia, business and public service organisations providing a unique forum on research, innovation and best practice in global management development.

Our approach to design and learning


We build your learning solution based on your business objectives. Over decades of getting business impact for our clients, we discovered a proprietary, collaborative and highly effective approach to programme design and delivery: FLARE.

FLARE is the framework we use to put your business objectives at the very heart of your learning solution. Step-by-step, our programme design directors use them to drive every element of your learning journey.


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Innovative learning experiences

We deliver creative learning and development experiences, reshaping how participants learn. Our exceptional pool of world-class thinkers all bring new insights, perspectives, tools and a broad spectrum of expertise to the individual learning experience.

Participants encounter unpredictable situations in which profound, professional, as well as personal, transformations can take place.

Learning takes place as much outside of the lecture theatre as in it. Coaching work, role play, bespoke projects and physical challenges help embed sustainable impact for long-lasting changes. Participants trial new skills in a safe and supportive environment and increase their confidence before applying them back in the workplace.


Discover how LBS successfully designed an innovative cascading programme for ING's Think Forward strategy.

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