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Custom programmes

Collaborate with us to create learning solutions that deliver cutting-edge learning experiences as well as measurable business impact. We will deliver them, end-to-end, seamlessly and at scale, anywhere in the world.

Customised and collaborative design

Each custom programme we design is unlike any other. We undergo an intensive process of client consultation, collaboration and continuous feedback to design the most effective solutions that deliver on individual and organisational goals.

Innovative learning experiences

Through adventurous and original hands on experiences, we devise challenging learning journeys to stimulate innovative thinking, courageous behaviour resulting in profound personal transformations. We provide intellectual rigour and diverse real-world experience to deliver startling insights and new skills which propel your business culture to a new place.

Impact back in the workplace

After over five decades of educating the executives of the world’s most successful organisations, we know what is important: tangible results for your organisation. That is why we created our impact offering. Our expert design and impact specialists will create a bespoke impact measurement tool for you, showing you in black and white what your programme has done for your business.

Global delivery

Because our partner organisations inhabit every corner of the world, we deliver programmes all over the globe. For multinational companies, we run programmes with a number of different cohorts in different continents.

Seamless execution

Every one of our programmes has a large, specialist team responsible for making sure you are happy and fulfilling your objectives, with smooth and precise execution.

We plan and carry out every aspect of each programme in great detail to provide the highest quality client and participant experience.

Your dedicated London Business School team:

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Contact us to talk about how our custom learning solutions can help your business.

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