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Corporate Open

Personalised learning pathways to create business impact.

Our Corporate Open learning solutions create sustainable impact for your organisation. We focus on the individual while aligning their overall learning objectives to the strategic goals of your business.

What is Corporate Open?

We are passionate about participants having a profound impact on their organisation and doing things differently as a result of their engagement with us. We partner with your organisation to create structured learning journeys for small groups across or within different business units.

This unique offer integrates our open enrolment portfolio, with an option of bespoke elements, to create a systemic learning solution for your organisation.

Partnership approach

We collaborate with your organisation to support your senior management or high potentials by working closely with you to co-create an impactful solution.

Open programmes are strategically selected in alignment with the specific learning objectives of the individual. With the option of building in elements such as coaching, experiments, and digital enhancements to sustain and integrate their learning back in the business.

The Benefits

Our Corporate Open solution delivers on the business change you are hoping to achieve.

  • Within the context of your business, individual learning journeys are developed in-line with your organisation’s objectives.
  • We will support you to build a cohesive learning & development strategy.
  • In the heart of London, learning alongside executives from all over the world, your participants gain invaluable global insight and external perspective.
  • Your leaders will return to work with a shared experience and new ways of working to multiply business impact.
  • We collaborate with you to track and measure the impact of your learning solution.
  • An opportunity to engage with our internationally acclaimed faculty –and guest speakers from the most exciting companies in the world – will give your leaders a truly transformational learning experience.

Through Corporate Open, we believe we can offer a valuable development experience for your people and your organisation. Explore what this could look like for you by contacting us on or +44 (0)20 7000 7091

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