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London Business School’s Global Business Consortium is the most successful programme of its type in the world today. It is also an unparalleled opportunity for your top executives to achieve radical performance improvement. The GBC is a bespoke business education experience. Facilitated by outstanding London Business School faculty, the curriculum is vibrant and constantly evolving. Fully immersive, the programme's focus is on open knowledge-sharing between leading-edge organisations.



Highlights of the programme


Three distinct modules; 18 - 20 days; three different locations across the globe. The GBC ‘classroom’ is one of diversity and excellence. In addition to enhanced leadership skills, your team will gain an invaluable insider’s perspective on each consortium member company.

  • Discovery visits: Insights into the workings of a particular economic and social system. Members learn how to create value across different environments and industries.
  • Company experience: Each consortium member becomes a living case study. Your team will discover up-close what other member companies stand for, the business challenges they face and how they manage them.
  • CEO ChallengeA project set by each consortium company CEO for their delegates. See your team develop a deeper understanding of your organisation, and watch them in action as they showcase their ideas at the end of the programme.
  • Faculty and expert guest speakersGBC participants gain practical insights into the latest research from our award-winning, world class faculty and apply it in their organisations.


GBC members




Some past GBC participants talk about the advantages the programme has brought them and their businesses:

"The key advantage is definitely the cross-function business view of the different issues. It helps to naturally view each different topic in a much more open and diverse way. Having spent 20+ years in the same company with aligned views and directions, I really appreciated the very different input and critique from five other groups with varied backgrounds.

The GBC experience gave me more confidence to ask better and more relevant questions of more senior people and also more confidence to lead my organisation on challenging customers and prospects on their strategy.

From a business perspective, it meant larger deals and more strategic relationships with our customers and better value delivery to their business.

Steve Fearon, Vice-President
EMEA Applications Sales Development, Alliances, Oracle

"To me, there was a ‘before’ and an ‘after’, it brought clarity and structure to my thinking process in everyday life.
To my business it brought the ability to focus on where value is created and sustained.

Malhar Kamdar, Vice President
Consulting, Oracle

"At its essence Mars is a tribe. In a tribe the campfire is the essential symbol, it provides warmth, reassurance and safety.

In that environment you benefit greatly from the wisdom of the ‘herd’, but the GBC gave me access to the wisdom of ‘other herds’. If it’s that wisdom that changes destinations then that is what the GBC has been for me.

Greg Beddoe, Vice President
Research & Development, Mars


Key details

GBC in numbers

  • Three modules
  • 20 days
  • Three locations across the globe

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