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Take stock, explore new ideas, embrace change and improve your leadership skills on the Senior Executive Programme. 

Gain the skills to:

  • Lead your organisation through complex times and increased global competition to deliver strategies for sustained success
  • Lead a ‘new generation’ workforce and create a sense of purpose and direction
  • Manage complexity, face uncertainty and motivate your workforce to secure your organisation’s future.  

You are stimulated and inspired by renowned faculty and industry experts. You are introduced to organisations that challenge industry dogmas, rewrite the organisational rulebook and demonstrate new ways of engaging their workforce. Challenge your pre-conceptions and enhance your ability to lead and deliver change.

  • What you learn

    In a position to effect significant change in your organisation, you embrace four key themes on this intensive programme:



    Leading the organisation

    Analyse your individual leadership style with a 360-degree leadership survey and detailed Hogan DarkTM assessment. Lead real organisational transformation by clarifying ‘who you are’ as a leader and a deeper understanding of your stakeholders’ positive drivers. Utilise these insights to build high-performance teams with a shared business vision and set of values.


    Managing complex stakeholder relationships

    Learn how to better understand the goals and motivations of your key stakeholders. You use this intelligence to work more effectively and leverage each in pursuit of your organisation’s objectives.


    Developing and implementing strategy

    Achieve sustainable success in today’s business climate by engineering your strategy to keep it in tune with evolving markets, global forces and future scenarios. Broaden your strategic thinking, increase your ability to maximise viable opportunities and improve innovation to ensure your organisation’s competitive advantage and future resilience.


    Improving operational and strategic agility

    Change is high on your organisation’s executive agenda. On SEP, you take a holistic approach that examines your organisation’s competitive environment, challenges existing management orthodoxies and influences behaviours.


    Corporate Governance 

    Explore governance practices that add value for stakeholders across a range of organisations. Examine the impact of executive compensation on corporate performance.


    Dealing with the Media

    Build the confidence to make the most of PR opportunities and deal with crises through the media.


    Health and wellbeing

    You are given a unique opportunity to consciously address how your professional strategy fits with your overall lifestyle. You are inspired to maximise your energy and stamina for greater professional and personal satisfaction.

  • How you learn

    How you learn


    Highly practical and applicable, your learning will have a direct impact on your leadership capability and your organisation, to drive change and build agility for the future.



    Outstanding faculty and contributors

    Leading academics and external contributors provide expert commentary and share thought leadership, grounded in research and business practice. Be inspired, challenged and engage in debate.


    Guest speakers

    Gain insights and benefit from the experience of experts from the worlds of business and the public sector. Hear from inspirational leaders from diverse fields, such as Olympic sports, armed forces, media and charitable work.


    Leadership diagnostics

    The 360-degree leadership survey and Hogan DarkTM assessment feeds into one-to-one coaching and a tailored development plan to enhance your leadership effectiveness.


    Experiential learning

    Practice key lessons and test ideas in a supportive environment. You develop your personal presentation style by working closely with professional actors at a leading London theatre. Take part in a Board simulation to improve your personal effectiveness.


    International case studies

    Discuss real life business or management situations that present a dilemma or an area of uncertainty. Examine solutions and preventative measures implemented by the business executives in the case scenario and the relevance to your organisation.

  • Your learning experience

    Your learning experience


    SEP can be completed in two formats:

    • Programme option 1: The intensive format is completed in four continuous weeks. On this format, the mid-programme weekend is left free from Friday evening to Monday morning, allowing European participants to return home.   

    • Programme option 2: This longer format offers greater time for reflection and is completed in two sets of two weeks, split by 6-8 weeks in your workplace.

Key details

Duration: 2 x 2 weeks or 4 week block
Next start: 23 Apr 2019
Fees: £34,500
Location: London

2019 dates and fees:

  • 23 Apr - 03 May and 23 Jun - 5 Jul 2019 (2 x 2 weeks)
  • 29 Sep - 25 Oct 2019 (4 week block)
  • Fees: £34,500

Please note accommodation costs are covered in the fees for 2018 and 2019

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