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Join our Executive Education alumni, a global community of over 16,000 successful business leaders in 150 countries. 


Continued Learning

Attend our annual masterclass tailored to inspire new thinking and assist with your lifelong professional development and learning. Keep connected to the finest business minds through our faculty-led webinars. Receive regular insights and research news through our monthly alumni newsletter and join us on another Executive Education programme, taking advantage of the 15% alumni discount.


Gain lifelong access to our directory of more than 16,000 global Executive Education alumni. Strengthen and build on your LBS contacts via our international networking events and annual Executive Education alumni reunion.


Take advantage of our international network of executive coaches, enjoy a preferential 15% discount on all of our Executive Education programmes and a lifelong email forwarding service which can all be retrieved through your own Executive Education Alumni portal.

Interested in becoming a member?

Complete our Accelerated Development Programme, Senior Executive Programme or Certificate in Management, or complete 15 full days of Executive Education programmes (before 31 July 2018), to become part of this dynamic community of international business executives.