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Certificate in Finance FAQs

  • What is the timeframe for completing the certificate?

    You will need to complete all four programmes within 24 months. We recommend you spread the programmes across a longer period for maximum benefit and impact. The option to take the programmes in quick succession over a shorter timeframe is possible and is subject to programme dates.

  • If I have completed LBS Executive Education in the past, will this count towards the certificate?

    Yes. If you have completed one or two programmes in the last two years then we will take the programme/s into consideration to help you customise your experience based on your learning goals.

  • What price do I pay if I have already completed one or two LBS Executive Education programmes?

    You will pay the balance between the current Certificate in Finance and the payment we have received for the programmes you have already undertaken.

  • If I have already completed a programme when does my 24 month time period start?

    Your 24 month completion period can start from the moment you commit to the Certificate in Finance package rather than the date at which past programmes were undertaken.

  • If I complete five programmes am I able to get a Certificate in Management and a Certificate in Finance?

    No, you need to select your single package. If you would like both Certificates you would need to complete eight programmes in total.

  • Is there any discount available on the package price if I am an alumni?
    Unfortunately the Certificate in Finance cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or alumni benefit. We would advise that you purchase the short courses using your alumni discount.
  • I have done more than two programmes already, so can I still get the Certificate in Finance?

    If you have already done three or more programmes, you would not reap the full benefits of the Certificate in Finance in terms of coaching and package discount. Therefore, we will not be able to offer you the Certificate in Finance. If you already have Executive Education alumni status, you can purchase the additional programmes with your alumni discount.

  • Do I have to decide from the outset which four programmes I want to take?

    You will be required to confirm at least your first three programme choices – we will help you with programme selection. If you plan to take advantage of the longer timeframe, say, 18–24 months, we recognise you might want to delay picking your fourth programme. We leave this choice open and our team will help you narrow your options and choose the best final programme to match your personal objectives and organisational goals.

  • Who attends?

    Certificate in Finance attracts a core audience of mid- to senior-level executives with a minimum of five to eight years’ experience. Participants come from all around the world and from diverse industries, enriching peer-to-peer learning and offering a diverse perspective on global issues.

  • How many programmes can I choose from?

    We have 10 specific finance programmes and more than 25 programmes in total covering all disciplines, so there is no blueprint learning journey. However, we have provided some example pathways as an illustration.

  • What are the benefits?

    Certificate in Finance is a tailored approach designed by you in conjunction with our Programme Consultant to ensure the programmes selected work with your career and development goals. You will have 1:1 support from our executive coaches at three touchpoints.

    On completion of your fourth programme, you will become part of our elite Executive Education alumni community, a network of over 17,000 professionals around the world.

  • Which programmes are eligible?

    Choose three finance programmes plus one other from any discipline. Click here for the full list. Our General Management programmes (Accelerated Development Programme and Senior Executive Programme) are not short courses and are exempt from our Certificate offering.

  • How do I apply?

    Consult with us. You are only eligible to enrol on the Certificate in Finance after we have discussed with you your programme choices and ensured this is the right fit for you. You can book a consultation with our specialist by calling +44 (0)20 7000 7051 or email finance@london.edu. Please look at our programme selection before you do so. We’ll tell you how to apply online once you have had your consultation.

  • When will I become an Executive Education alumni member?

    After you complete your fourth programme, your final coaching engagement, and submit your mandatory reflection piece, you will join an elite network of more than 17,000 individuals across the globe. This will take approximately two weeks after your fourth programme.

  • Where can I get more information on the programmes you offer?

    Our Executive Education portfolio calendar offers full sight of our programmes, benefits and learning experiences. Please note that the Accelerated Development Programme and Senior Executives Programme, which feature in our calendar, are not short programmes and therefore do not count towards the Certificate. If you would like more in-depth programme specific brochures please let us know. Alternatively, you can download these brochures directly from the programme pages on our website.

  • Can I do the Certificate in Finance if I have already completed an MBA?

    Many of our participants have completed an MBA or Masters in Finance and wish to refresh or enhance their development. Those without an MBA or Masters in Finance opt for the Certificate as it offers a chance to deep dive into specific subject areas within finance that are relevant to their current role, build a diverse network and flexibly balance the demands of their professional development with their career.

  • I want an accelerated experience. How quickly can I complete the Certificate in Finance?

    Depending on the programmes you choose and their start dates, you may complete the Certificate in a short timeframe, as fast as three months. However, this is an intensive experience and not something we recommend for everyone. We’ll explore the timeframe with you on a one-to-one basis.

  • I have selected my four programmes. What next?

    Our Programme Managers will review your first programme application. Our team will then be in touch with an official offer email detailing the programmes you have selected. After that, you will be asked questions relating to the three remaining programmes; the second step of your application.

    Once you have accepted the offer we will send you an invoice. At this point, you will select your executive coach.

  • What should I expect from the application process?

    You submit just one application. You will complete an online application for your first programme, then we’ll capture your objectives for the three remaining programmes (at a high level initially and in more depth closer to the start of each programme).

  • How does the coaching work?

    When you receive your offer from us, we will send you details about the coaching. We have chosen six established coaches from our pool; you will be able to read their profiles and select your preferred choice. Once you have submitted your selection we will put you in touch with the coach and you will be responsible for arranging a 1:1 session at a time that suits you.

    Broadly, we will ask:

    1. What are the three main responsibilities in your current role?

    2. What are your personal objectives in attending this programme?

    3. What are the key challenges you see in achieving your personal objectives?

    4. What made you decide to apply for this programme?

    Some programmes require more specific insight, depending on the programme content.

  • What are the benefits of being a member of our Executive Education alumni?

    With more than 17,000 successful business leaders in 150 countries, our Executive Education alumni community is truly global.

    Alumni benefit from lifelong learning and lasting connections as part of our vibrant network. Take advantage of:

    • 25% discount – select from 25 open programmes and receive 25% off fees for our short open enrolment programmes
    • Executive coaching – engage with handpicked, quality-assured executive coaches
    • LBS Webinar Series – access cutting-edge academic insights wherever you are in the world
    • Executive Education Alumni Reunion – join our annual masterclass and hear the latest research, trends and advice
    • Exclusive events – guest speakers from the frontline share their stories, insights and what really works
    • Monthly newsletter – must-reads from our most recent thought leadership articles, delivered to your inbox once a month.
  • When is payment due?

    An upfront payment of £27,000 is required to confirm a place on our Certificate in Finance. This is required in advance of your attendance on your first programme.

  • Can I split the payment?

    Unfortunately not. You will need to pay the full balance unless you have already taken programmes in the past that count towards your Certificate, in which case you will pay the balance.

  • What kind of Certificate do I get?

    Upon completion of your four programmes and submission of your impact statement you will receive a Certificate of attendance from London Business School, which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn. This is not a recognised professional qualification as there is no assessment/grading of your knowledge.

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