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Benefits and impact

This programme aims to help participants succeed as entrepreneurs by giving them the skills they need to choose which business opportunities to pursue and how to develop those ideas into workable businesses. 

How will this programme benefit you?

You'll develop the skills needed to assess and shape an entrepreneurial opportunity.  You'll hone your presentation skills.  By working under the guidance of a mentor and thorough contact with numerous panellists and guest speakers, you'll develop real insights into whether the entrepreneurial path is for you.  

The work done during the course of this programme will allow you to see whether your business idea is one that can be successfully pursued or if you may need to move on to a more promising idea. 

How will this programme benefit your organisation?

If you're researching and developing a business idea for a new venture within your company, you'll add a great deal of value to your organisation. Through your creation of a well-researched, customer-driven feasibility study, the organisation can identify and pursue a new business activity or avoid an idea that does not present a promising opportunity.