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This intensive and practical programme gives you the confidence and skills to understand the key factors that bring long-term value to your business.

Build your knowledge of the entire M&A process, from the initial financial evaluation of a merger or acquisition, to leveraging your strengths to secure the best possible deal for your company and post-merger implementation.

The programme looks at the three key stages of the M&A deal cycle.

What you learn

The strategic role of M&A

How do you judge whether a merger or acquisition fits with your corporate strategy? What kind of companies should you be looking at? What are the reasons for going ahead, and how do you define the objectives of the deal?

Find out the answers to these questions and more as you learn how to systematically assess whether, and how, a merger builds your organisation’s resources and capabilities, and how it might maximise your competitive advantage. And gain the skills to develop an overall acquisitions strategy for your organisation.

Finance and valuation

Accurately valuing your target company is crucial. This part of the programme examines how to determine a company’s worth – both in itself and to your organisation. Learn how to use corporate valuation techniques and assess potential synergies. You also develop the skills to finance a deal, focusing on highly leveraged transactions, as well as exploring debt capacity.

Post-acquisition integration

Securing long-term value is vital to the success of the deal. Examine how to integrate organisations – tackling the human, cultural and system issues that arise. Develop the toolkit you need to ensure any merger or acquisition delivers improved organisational growth and shareholder value.

How you learn

Pre-programme digital learning

Start your learning before you arrive in Dubai by taking an online accounting refresher course. Three digital modules covering balance sheets, income sheets and cash flow statements ensure you have a strong foundation enabling you to keep up with your peers and focus on the core M&A programme content with confidence.

Real-world insights

Engage with leading faculty who have been significantly involved in the M&A process. Global business leaders come together to share their expertise and insights, bringing the entire deal cycle to life.

Skill-building case studies

Case studies form a vital part of the programme, highlighting different aspects of the process and the unique challenges faced by companies around the world. Discover how organisations tackled their deals, how they overcame issues, where they excelled and where they went wrong.

Stimulating debate and discussion

In group workshops, discuss what you’ve learned and consider how to apply new concepts when you return to work. Experienced participants from diverse job roles, industries and countries, make this element of the programme particularly valuable for gathering alternative perspectives into the global M&A experience. Exposed to different cultures, you gain fresh insight into your own work norms and practices.

Key details

Duration: 5 days
Next start: 24 Nov 2019
Fees: $8,900
Location: DIFC, Dubai

2019 dates and fees:

  • 24 - 28 Nov 2019
  • Fees: $8,900*

*All fees currently quoted exclude the new mandatory 5% tax (VAT) that is applicable in the UAE.

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