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Pascal Anders

  • Programme: PhD in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

MRes in Strategy and Entrepreneurship (London Business School), MA in Economies (Duke University), MSc in Business Administration (Leipzig Graduate School of Management)


Pascal Anders is a PhD candidate in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. He holds an MA in Economics from Duke University and an MSc in Business Administration from Leipzig Graduate School of Management.


Scholars in management increasingly agree that related diversifiers outperform single-business firms and unrelated diversifiers. This can be attributed theoretically to a trade-off between generating economies of scope and avoiding diseconomies of scope, and it has spawned a rich discussion on the factors driving the realized gains from resource sharing. With his dissertation, Pascal contributes to this conversation by exploring how resource sharing between activities across (1) businesses and (2) geographical locations affects the performance of diversified firms. More generally, he is interested in the mechanisms that link resource sharing, diversification, and firm performance.

Research interests

  • Diversification
  • Resource sharing
  • Firm performance