Diego Raoul Kaenzig

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Economics

BA (University of Bern), MSc (University of Bern, University of Basel)

Diego is a PhD candidate in Economics at London Business School. In his research, he seeks to advance two core research agendas. The first concerns the role of energy and climate change for financial and macroeconomic fluctuations. The second is to understand how economic inequality and household finance matter for the macroeconomy and macroeconomic policy. His work highlights that climate change and inequality also have important implications for the business cycle, above and beyond the significant long-run effects.

In ongoing work, Diego is studying the economic effects of carbon pricing and the role of climate policy uncertainty – projects for which he was recently awarded a research grant from the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development. His solo-authored paper, “The macroeconomic effects of oil supply news: Evidence from OPEC announcements” is forthcoming in the American Economic Review. In joint work with Florin Bilbiie and Paolo Surico, he studies the role of economic inequality for the business cycle and stabilization policies.

Diego holds an MSc in International and Monetary Economics from the Universities of Bern and Basel and a BSc in Economics from the University of Bern. Prior to joining London Business School, he worked in the Inflation Forecasting Unit of the Swiss National Bank and as a Quantitative Analyst at Credit Suisse.

Diego's research is featured in the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development brochure and a short video can be found here:


Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics
  • Climate&Energy
  • Inequality