Amrita Kundu

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Management Science and Operations

MSE Environmental Systems Engineering, John Hopkins University, BE Chemical Engineering, RV College India

Amrita is a PhD student in the department of Management Science and Operations at London Business School. She conducts interdisciplinary empirical operations management research to discover ways in which businesses can create social value. She is on the job market this year and available for interviews at the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle.

In her PhD, Amrita is identifying operational levers to expedite technology adoption, aid growth of small firms and improve gender parity in emerging markets. Her paper on "Timely After-Sales Service and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the Off-Grid Solar Market in Uganda" is a Finalist in the 2019 MSOM Student Paper Competition. Her research on "Disruptions, Resilience and Performance of Emerging Market Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Uganda" won the second place in 2019 POMS College for Supply Chain Management Best Student Paper Competition.

She particularly enjoy hands-on field-work driven empirical projects where she can engage with stakeholders to identify research questions rooted in local context. Prior to starting her PhD at London Business School, Amrita worked at the World Bank’s Global Energy Practice in Washington DC.

Wheeler Institute grant recipient, 2019. Video on research vision.

Research interests

  • Empirical Operations Management
  • Business Operations in Emerging Markets
  • Service Innovation
  • Technology Adoption