What does a product manager at a top Tech firm do

LBS alumni Ishaan Aggarwal and Vinni Gosain share their experiences at Google and Amazon with Business Because


Ishaan Aggarwal, a product manager at Google and Vinni Gosain, head of product management for Amazon’s fashion department, both graduates of London Business School’s MBA programme, have shared details of their roles with Business Because, in an article providing insight to people considering a career as a product manager within a top technology company.

Vinni believes that product managers “are like the bridge between the business and the tech teams.” It is a role that requires strong communication skills given the multiple stakeholders who challenge product managers on why they are “making a certain decision, or not making one”.

Ishaan, who works on Wear OS – the system that powers Google’s smart watches – stresses that having a mindset that is user centric and impact driven is essential. Using the example of establishing product goals for notifications on a smart watch, Ishaan explains:

“The idea is: how can we bring value to the user without them employing a lot of cognitive load on themselves, so that they are notified at the right time and place, with the right information.”

For those people considering a career as a product manager in the tech industry, David Morris, head of technology and media careers at LBS, suggests keeping up to date with the latest news and opinions in the sector.

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