MFA graduates enjoy employment success

Report reveals 99% of MFA 2017 students seeking employment received offers within three months of graduation

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Almost all London Business School (LBS) students who sought employment after completing its Masters in Financial Analysis 2017 (MFA 2017) programme received offers within three months of their graduation, the first-ever MFA employment report from the School has revealed.

Of the 73 MFA 2017 programme graduates who sought employment in the three months to December 19, 2017, 72 received an offer of employment (99%) and 70 accepted an offer (96%). Of the total number of 76 graduating students, two went into family-owned businesses and another started their own enterprise.

Enrico Cocchi, MFA Career Lead at the LBS Career Centre, said the number of employment offers were a powerful demonstration of the excellence of the School’s MFA programme and the quality of its students.

“It’s clear that when it comes to filling vacancies, our MFA graduates are in high demand. These men and women are going to the market with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for and they are quickly rewarded for their endeavours,” he said.

“LBS’s 2017 MFA graduates worked incredibly hard over the course of their programme and it makes me proud to know that such a significant number were offered employment so soon after graduation.”

LBS graduates also confirmed the popularity of the UK as a place to live and work despite ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit. The UK was the most popular job location for MFA 2017 graduates, with more than half of those who accepted offers of employment taking up positions in the region at the completion of their studies (53%).

“These results show that its business as usual for many in Britain’s business community,” Cocchi said.

“Having experienced first-hand the lifestyle and business opportunities on offer in the UK during their time at LBS, our graduates are then choosing to stay on and build their lives here.

“That is a big endorsement; it confirms just how attractive our employment opportunities are in the UK and just how competitive Britain remains on the global stage.”

Asia and Europe were the next preferred employment locations for MFA graduates, at 22% and 20% respectively. Just 3% of MFA graduates accepted jobs based in the US, while 1% took up positions in Latin America and the Middle East.

Favoured city locations included London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Stockholm and Zurich.

More than two thirds of MFA 2017 graduates pursued employment in the banking and financial services sectors. The most popular job sectors among LBS’s MFA 2017 graduates were investment banking and brokerage (45%), followed by private equity (13%), investment management (9%) and commercial banking/project finance (4%). The first departure from the banking and financial services arena is technology at 7%.

The employment figures were calculated using a survey of the School’s 76 MFA 2017 graduates. The survey generated a response rate of 100%.

LBS’s Masters of Financial Analysis is a full-time degree programme based in London. Over the course of the 12-16 month programme, MFA students are exposed to rigorous academic concepts and theories, outstanding professional development opportunities and international exposure to stand out in today’s competitive market and deliver the immediate impact that global employers demand.