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Whether you’re a student, alumni, faculty member or professional, LBS’s student-led conferences offer the opportunity to debate, network and share ideas with world leaders, industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and government leaders.

Upcoming highlight events:

EurOut Conference, 16 - 17th November 2018

EUROUT is Europe’s leading LGBTQ conference for graduate students, MBAs, PhDs and alumni from top business schools. The brainchild of London Business School’s Out in Business club, we aim to inspire diversity and inclusion in the professional world and beyond. With over 400 delegates from 50 companies and 20 schools, the conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to do just that – and more!

Given the quality of attendees, the conference is now regarded as an invaluable opportunity for LGBTQ professionals to explore career and networking opportunities with thought leaders and leading companies from around the world. This year’s conference will take place in London on 16 -17 November. The main theme is ‘From Understanding to Action’ and how building a global community of change agents is essential to promote real change in areas that are still worlds removed from what so many see as ‘normal’.


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Highlights from our 2017-2018 conferences

Highlights from our 2016-2017 conferences


“It was absolutely brilliant - fantastic event, cannot recommend it highly enough. Lord Black - very insightful and great to have that calibre of speaker, as with Xavier Bettel. Nick Deakin was also a very inspirational figure and I enjoyed his talk. Jan Gooding also gave a very personal and touching talk which I was very moved by.”
EurOUT, 2016


“An extremely enjoyable event. All keynote speakers were first class.”

Africa Business Summit, 2017


“A great job done in terms of flawless administration, a great line-up of speakers and an excellent venue.”
Art Investment Conference, 2017


“I thought that Naguib Sawiri's candid insights into the importance of geopolitics in understanding business ventures in the region was hugely interesting and relevant. I also really enjoyed hearing from Amr Abou El Azm and the struggles he faced and overcame.”
Middle East Conference, 2017

Highlights from EurOUT 2016

Highlights from 2017 LBS Women in Business Conference

Behind the scenes of the London Business School Women In Business Conference 2017

Highlights from LBS 15th Middle East Conference

Highlights from Africa Business Summit 2017

Isabel dos Santos speaks at LBS Africa Business Summit 2017

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