Whether you’re a student, alumni, faculty member or professional, LBS’s student-led events offer the opportunity to debate, network and share ideas with world leaders, industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and government leaders.

2018-2019 Highlights provide a selection of some of the fantastic events organized by student clubs at LBS.

Highlights from our 2018-2019 events

Highlights from our 2017-2018 conferences

Highlights from EurOUT 2017

LBS Healthcare Conference 2018: Closing speech - Mark Hicken, Janssen (J&J)

London Business School 18th Women in Business Conference Highlights 3: A summary of the day

LBS Healthcare Conference 2018: Highlights

Main highlights of the 2018 LBS Africa Business Summit

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Our Student Clubs and Conferences Pitch Book has details of sponsorship opportunities for the wealth of student activity at London Business School.

Clubs and conferences have been divided into five "interest" areas and central events that cross the entire student body:

  • Industry
  • Sport and leisure
  • Social issues
  • Regional
  • Cross School events

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