2016 Thought Leadership Events

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01 December 2016, London

Leading Minds – Social Business: The Business Model of the Future?

With Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Chairman, Yunus Centre and Founder of Grameen Bank
Kamalini Ramdas, Professor of Management Science and Operations, London Business School


Known as the "Banker to the Poor," Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, is respected globally for his contributions toward eradicating poverty.

Driven by the idea that credit is a basic human right, Yunus founded the Grameen Bank in 1976 and developed his revolutionary micro-credit system, which has achieved phenomenal success in helping the 5.6 million poor people in Bangladesh gain a better quality of life.

A man who has successfully translated a single vision into tangible benefits for millions of people around the world, Professor Yunus shared his story and insights on how we can use business to overcome social challenges.

15 November 2016, London

Leading Minds – Leadership below the CEO: What Drives Senior Marketers' Business Impact and Career Success?

With Thomas Barta, Marketing Expert and Author
Patrick Barwise, Emeritus Professor of Marketing, London Business School


Drawing on their new book The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader, former McKinsey partner Thomas Barta and LBS Emeritus Professor Patrick Barwise discussed 'leadership below the CEO' in the specific context of what drives senior marketers' business impact and career success.

07 June 2016, London

Leading Minds – What They Do With Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It

With David Pitt-Watson, Executive Fellow, London Business School

Stephen Davis, Senior Fellow, Harvard Law School

Jon Lukomnik, Executive Director, Investor Responsibility Research Center

Each year billions are paid in fees to those who run our financial system. The money comes from our bank accounts, our pensions, our borrowing, and often we aren't told that the money has been taken. The cost would be justified if the industry was doing a good job, but it too often fails us.

In discussion with London Business School’s Chris Higson, Davis, Lukomnik and Pitt-Watson shared the research in their latest book What They Do With Your Money and laid out an agenda for curtailing the misalignments that allow the financial industry to profit at our expense.

01 June 2016, London

Leading Minds – The 100-Year Life

With Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice; Executive Education Faculty Director, London Business School
Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School
Chaired by Linda Yueh, Adjunct Professor of Economics, London Business School


Many of us have been raised with the traditional notion of a three-stage approach to our working lives: education, followed by work and then retirement. However with many babies born today expected to live for at least 100 years, this well established pathway is beginning to collapse and our current practices and institutional arrangements are far from prepared for this fundamental societal shift.

Drawing on the research in their new book, Professors Gratton and Scott offered a broad-ranging analysis on the implications for individuals, society and business, as well as a raft of solutions that will help prepare us for this change.

29 April 2016, London

Leading Minds – The UK’s Place in the World and the EU Referendum


Address by the Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

Secretary of State for International Development

26 April 2016

Justine Greening spoke at London Business School about the impact on generations of young Brits if voters opt to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum.

Greening, who is an LBS alumna, said: “The decision we make on 23 June will either open doors or close them on opportunity for Britain’s young people."

14 April 2016, Beijing

Leading Minds – The Internationalisation of the RMB

With Professor Richard Portes CBE FBA, Professor of Economics at London Business School

Chaired by Zheming Xing, Reporter, CCTV


Professor Richard Portes CBE FBA, spoke exclusively to an audience of 140 guests about the future of the RMB and shared his reflections on the global macroeconomic impact of Beijing's ambitious internationalisation plans for the currency.

11 April 2016, Hong Kong

In Conversation – China and the Global Economy

With Adam Keswick SEP55(2004), Deputy Chairman. Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited
In conversation with Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School
Opening remarks Savio Kwan MSc09(1976) Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner, A&K Consulting Co. Limited

The influence of China on the global economy has never been greater and despite the ongoing market rumblings, it is expected to remain at the forefront of global economic growth.

Savio Kwan, Alibaba’s former Chief Operating Officer, addressed the audience first offering his reflections on the economic transformation of the region over the last 50 years. Adam Keswick shared the Jardine’s story and his thoughts on China and the wider Asia Pacific region's increasing importance in the global business environment.

21 March 2016, London

Brexit – The Business View

With Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General, CBI
Rain Newton-Smith, Director of Economics, CBI


business views 2016

Leaving the EU would cause a serious shock to the UK economy, according to the CBI’s Director-General Carolyn Fairburn.

CBI Director-General, Carolyn Fairbairn, warned that leaving the EU would cause a serious shock to the UK economy, with a potential cost to UK GDP of £100 billion and 950,000 jobs by 2020.

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