2015 Thought Leadership Events

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7 December 2015, Dubai

In Conversation – Making a Modern City

With His Excellency Mohamed Alabbar, Founder and Chairman
In conversation with Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School



The leader of one of the world's most successful real estate businesses and the man behind the development of iconic projects such as Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, H.E. Mohamed Alabbar is regarded by many as one of the United Arab Emirates' most dynamic and influential global business leaders.

Speaking to an exclusive audience of 250 LBS alumni, students and friends, H.E. Alabbar shared his insights on Dubai's emergence as a modern international city and its place in the global economy.

23 November 2015, London

In Conversation – Assuring Financial Stability: Managing Vulnerabilities, Tackling Legacies, Upgrading Policies

With José Viñals, Financial Counsellor & Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund
Richard Portes CBE , Professor of Economics, London Business School
Professor Lucrezia Reichlin, Professor of Economics, London Business School

José Viñals spoke at the School to provide further insights into the 2015 October IMF Global Financial Stability Report, which discusses managing vulnerabilities in emerging markets, tackling crisis legacies in advanced countries, and addressing fragilities in global financial markets. The report highlighted how an urgent policy upgrade is critical to reach the successful normalisation of monetary and financial conditions and to anchor financial stability in the medium term.


09 October 2015, London

Leading Minds – A Radical Rethink of How Business Engages with Society

Lord Browne, Chairman, L1 Energy, Hauwei UK, the Tate Galleries and Donmar Warehouse
Dr Robin Nuttall, Partner, Regulatory and Government Affairs, McKinsey
lordbrowneIn conversation with Professor Lynda Gratton, Lord Browne and Dr Nuttall discussed their latest book Connect, which explores the recurring rift between big business and society and offers a compelling manifesto for reconciliation.

How can we break the centuries-old cycle of anti-business sentiment? Why should companies go beyond philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility? Is close engagement in society the secret to competitive advantage? What is the role of leaders in addressing the challenge?

  • About the Speakers

    John Browne (Lord Browne of Madingley) was CEO of BP from 1995–2007, transforming it into one of the world’s largest companies. He was knighted in 1998, and made a life peer in 2001. He is Chairman of L1 Energy, Huawei UK, the Tate Galleries and Donmar Warehouse. John Browne advised five prime ministers, built a reputation as a visionary leader and was regularly voted the most admired businessman by his peers. He is the author of the memoir Beyond Business, popular science book Seven Elements That Changed the World and The Glass Closet, a commentary on the acceptance and inclusion of LGBT people in business. 

    Robin Nuttall is a Partner in McKinsey’s London office. He leads the firm’s Regulatory and Government Affairs Practice, serving regulators and regulated corporations on strategy and organisational issues across a range of sectors and territories.

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    Presentation by Lord Browne

02 October 2015, London

Leading Minds – Insights from Global Leaders

Alex Gorsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson and Johnson

In conversation with Professor Kamalini Ramdas, Mr Gorsky, who has been at the helm of the company since 2012 reflected on a on a career spanning almost three decades and share his leadership insights.

What does it take to lead a global company in today’s global business environment?  What are the opportunities and challenges facing the industries Johnson and Johnson operate in and the wider international business community?

3 February 2015, London

Leading Minds – Rebalancing the Unequal Financial System

With Thomas Philippon, Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University


Philippon has extensively studied the productivity of the US industry, specifically how well it performs its function of intermediating between savers and borrowers. Its role in performing this function is critical to our economy, to output and to the distribution of income and wealth.

After painstaking research, he concluded that over the past 130 years, there has been no productivity increase in finance and "the finance industry which sustained the railroads, steel and chemical industries...seem to have been more efficient than the current finance industry".


If this is true, we need to radically rethink how finance is practised.


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  • About Thomas Philippon

    Thomas Philippon is a Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, New York University. Professor Philippon received his Ph.D. in Economics Massachusetts Institute of Technology(2003), M.A. in Economics Delta-Ehess (1988) and M.A. in Physics Ecole Polytechnique (1997). His research interests include macroeconomics, corporate finance, business cycles, corporate governance, earnings management, and unemployment.

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    Presentation by Thomas Philippon, Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University

2014 Thought Leadership Events

Leading Minds – The Business of an Unequal Economy

With Thomas Piketty, Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics


What impact has Thomas Piketty’s controversial book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, had on business leaders and policy makers? His argument focused on the problems caused by the inequality of capital and the wealth gap that has widened for the past 40 years. At the same time, business and wealthy individuals have increased philanthropic activity. Is it enough? What should the corporate response to Piketty’s challenge be?


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  • About Thomas Piketty

    Thomas Piketty is professor at the Paris School of Economics. He has published numerous research articles in top international journals (Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, etc.), and a dozen books. He is the author of historical and theoretical literature on the relationship between economic development and wealth distribution. He is the initiator of the recent literature on trends over a long period from the high income in national income (now available in the World Top Incomes Database). He is also the author of the "Capital in the 21st century". This work led to question radically the optimist Kuznets hypothesis on the link between development and inequalities, and to highlight the importance of political and fiscal institutions in the historical dynamics of the distribution of wealth.

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    Presentation by Thomas Piketty, Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics

    Presentation by Gavyn Davies, OBE, Chairman, Fulcrum Asset Management

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