Student Awards

The Student Awards recognise students who, through their conduct, achievements and contribution to our community, have had a profound impact on the School.

Last year the awards were presented at the annual Student Celebration Evening, which took place at London's legendary venue, Koko, (Camden)

The evening was a wonderful night of entertainment, awards and memories with the graduating class of 2017.


The winners in each category were as follows:

  • Transformed the student experience of their peers

    This is for students that have had a direct impact on their peers, particularly within a programme.

    This impact may be through academics, career or social.

    Examples may include an exceptional advocate or representative; or someone who has gone out of their way to support their classmates learning.

    Alex Tuya (EMBA-LJ)
    Ann Kang (EMBA-DS)
    Belinda Neal (EMBA-LJ)
    Bhaven Pandit (Sloan)
    Clare Burton (MiF-PT)
    Elliott Coleman (Mif-PT)
    Morten Siggaard (MiM)
    Bhagyata Kinger (MFA)
    Ashni Shah (MBA)

  • Exceptional service to the School community

    This is for impact through organised activities such as clubs and events.

    Or service to the School through being an ambassador, prominent role-model or spokesperson.

    Examples may include students that have run exceptional club activities, created incredible events or been outstanding student ambassadors.

    Alan Wong (MBA)
    Chin Ta Sim (MiF-FT)
    Diana Guzman (EMBA-DS)
    Lola Wajskop (MiM)
    Ricardo Tannus (MiM)
    Rick Lewis (MBA)
    Sara Ganz (MFA)
    Carolyn McLain (MBA)
    Vishnu Chundi (MBA)
    Abhinay Kakuturu (MiF-FT)

  • Lasting contribution to the School

    Leaves the School a significantly different and better place.

    Reserved for truly exceptional impact.

    Nick Deakin (MBA)


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