Zack Zornitta

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Global Nationality: South African

Education: Bachelor of Business Science, University of Cape Town; graduated in 2018

Topic(s) studied: Information Systems and Computer Science

Interested in: Management consulting, tech strategy

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Planning out how to write my application essays

About me: I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Cape Town, where I took a variety of courses in computer science, as well as finance and management. I love working with technology that brings about social impact, and a lot of my focus in undergrad was in this area, with research into racial issues in mobile dating apps and various projects and hackathons using technology to address unemployment in the African context. After graduating I moved to London, where I spent a little under a year working as a quantitative consultant for TPC, a small retail-focused consultancy, where I furthered my skills and passion for analytics and impact through data; this led me to my studies at LBS. I’m quite an active and outdoorsy person and spend a lot of time playing rugby. I used to love surfing and trail-running, some hobbies I’ve had to put on hold since moving to London!

Top three topics you can be approached about: Technology in Africa, Rugby Club, travelling from London