William Abihanna

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: French/Lebanese

William is a MiM2020 student and is currently undertaking the optional fourth term.

Education: Bachelors, IE University, Spain; graduated in 2019

Topic(s) studied: Business Administration and International Relations

Interested in: Consumer goods, consulting, retail, finance

My greatest challenge when applying to business school was: Choosing the right school for me

About me: From the very beginning, my multicultural background pushed me to travel for my studies and work experiences. I seized this opportunity by moving to Madrid for my undergraduate studies, by doing an exchange in Montreal and coming to London Business School for my masters.

My constant search for challenging projects in retail, consulting or finance led me to work in various countries all over the world and discover different ways of working, allowing me to broaden my horizons. Coming to London Business School really offered me the opportunities I was looking for.

In addition, LBS allowed me to meet incredible people and build strong relationships while doing things I love, such as playing rugby or cooking. The difficult COVID situation we all had to face only reinforced the bonds we built during this year, and I am now convinced more than ever that my year at LBS truly was one of the best ones of my life.

My electives: Negotiation and Bargaining; Strategic Innovation; Strategies for Growth; New Venture Development; Pricing Strategy & Tactics; Thinking Strategically; Interpersonal Dynamics

Why I chose to do the fourth term: The fourth term gave me the opportunity to secure a 6-month internship which required me to have a student status.

Email address: wabihanna.mim2020@london.edu