Tobi Ogunsanya

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: British/Nigerian
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Strategy Manager, Accenture Strategy

Clubs: Snow Club, Football Club

About me: Tobi is a graduate from Warwick Business School, having completed his master’s in management in 2011. He has been working as a strategy consultant since he graduated, focussed on helping companies unlock business growth through the use of technology. He is passionate about the disruptive powers of technology, especially in emerging markets, and has authored research papers on the impact of gamification and innovation.

With international work experience in both Nigeria and the UK, Tobi pursued an MBA in order to further develop his entrepreneurial thinking, leveraging the diverse LBS community. As a quadruplet with an identical twin brother and twin sisters, Tobi has relished the opportunity to surround himself with more like-minded, ambitious and sociable individuals. In addition to his role as a student ambassador, he is an Executive Committee member of the Snow Club and the Football Club. 

Three topics I can be approached about: Life at LBS; consulting career paths; advice around the application process

Email address: togunsanya.mba2022@london.edu