Tanuj Srivastava

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: British/Indian

Education: BEng Computing, Imperial College London; graduated in 2013

Pre-MBA industry: Finance/technology

Pre-MBA role: Project Manager, Credit Suisse

Clubs: Mindfulness and Yoga Society, Acting Club

About me: Tanuj grew up in the northern, eastern and western parts of India before moving to London at the age of 14. He graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in computing, and worked at Credit Suisse as a software engineer and project manager for the algorithmic and electronic bond trading platforms before joining LBS. Post-MBA, Tanuj wants to envision and build impactful products as a product manager, by leveraging his background in technology and the business expertise that he aims to develop at LBS. 

Having grown up in multicultural communities and worked in global teams, Tanuj values diversity and chose LBS to collaborate and learn from its international peer group. Being a Londoner, Tanuj is excited to study in the city he loves and learn in its dynamic and international business environment.  Tanuj enjoys acting and hopes to introduce his classmates to improv comedy as member of the Acting Club. He is also passionate about meditation and mindfulness and is a member of the Mindfulness and Yoga Society. Tanuj enjoys learning new languages and co-founded the Language Community at Credit Suisse to help employees learn foreign languages. At LBS, he is hoping to learn Spanish through the LBS Language programme.

Three topics I can be approached about: Technology in the finance sector; living and studying in London; student and academic life at LBS

Email address: tsrivastava.mba2022@london.edu