Suliman Alaujan

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance part time
  • Global Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Suliman holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting and Finance with a specialisation in Alternative Investments from Fordham University in New York City. Suliman is currently a portfolio manager within Credit Suisse Asset Management’s global real estate team, based in London. He is responsible for analysing, structuring, acquiring and managing global direct real estate assets on behalf of MENA institutional mandates.

In his previous role, Suliman built CSAM’s presence in Saudi Arabia for three years, where he was responsible for developing asset management's onshore infrastructure and business development initiatives. Prior to his time in Saudi Arabia, Suliman worked at CSAM in New York City as an analyst, supporting the US institutional sales and consultant relations team. He was responsible for conducting market research focusing on global product integration and analysis of CSAM’s alternative product platform. Suliman believes that a master’s programme is built on the premise of engaging with and learning from one another. LBS, with its uniquely diverse student demographic, presents an unrivalled opportunity for mutual cultural and educational exchange.

Suliman seeks to understand the causes of things, be they financial, environmental or societal; LBS’s philosophy seems to epitomise these overarching principles. As such, it became his reason behind pursuing the MiFPT degree. In addition to being a student ambassador, Suliman forms part of his cohort’s representatives to the school’s student and faculty bodies. In his spare time, he takes part in humanitarian refugee relief programs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Contact: salaujan.mifpt2021@london.edu