Stephen Chan

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Chinese

Education: MSc Advanced Financial Analysis

Finance sector: Equity research

Previous or current role: Associate Equity Analyst, Morningstar

About me: Stephen holds a postgraduate degree in Advanced Financial Analysis from Lancaster University. He joined KPMG’s deal advisory arm upon graduation in 2018, responsible for valuations and financial modelling primarily across the technology and start-up sectors. Before joining London Business School, Stephen was part of the equity research team at Morningstar, focused on analysing the industry and competitive landscape of the China internet sector.

Stephen chose to pursue the Masters in Finance to deepen his technical skills and expand his global network, aspiring to become an impactful investor while contributing to the well-being of society. Along with being a student ambassador, Stephen is also an active member of the Finance Club. During his leisure time, Stephen enjoys water sports, fitness and coffee brewing. He is passionate about travelling to experience different cultures and get new inspiration.

Contact: schan.mifft2022@london.edu