Serena Grillo

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Global Nationality: Nigerian/British

Education: University of Birmingham, UK; graduated in 2017

Topic(s) studied: Economics with Year in Computer Science

Interested in: Data science, fintech

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Deciding whether to apply by the first deadline with a not so great GRE score (which I did!) or to wait and retake the GRE

About me: I was born and raised in London! The first time I really ventured out of the city was for my undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham where I studied economics with a year in computer science. I always knew that I wanted a career that’d allow me to use both sides of my degree, and immediately after graduating in 2017 I spent three months interning as a software engineer at an investment bank. Following this I spent three months working for a social enterprise in Kenya that helped entrepreneurs in industries ranging from agriculture to retail to innovate and grow their businesses. Whilst working in Kenya I was blown away by a fintech called M-PESA that allows people to send money via SMS. This innovation was utilised by many small businesses in the informal sector, making entrepreneurship accessible to under-banked people; this sparked my interest in tech that has a positive social impact. I decided to join LBS after a year and a half working as a sales and data analyst at another investment bank. My work was situated at the intersection of analytics and trading, and while I was really interested in the work my team was doing, I quickly realised that I had become more interested in analytics itself. I wanted to learn more advanced topics in data science but struggled to do this alongside a demanding day job. I also found myself flirting with the idea of diversifying my experience and broadening my knowledge of how data can be used to create information that prompts decision-making and enable social impact in business and beyond. This is why I chose LBS and specifically the Masters in Analytics and Management course. Outside of school and work I am dedicated gym goer, with a great love for dance, music and the arts.

Top three topics you can be approached about: Leaving work to go back to school, Tech and Media Club Executive Committee, LBS as a minority student (i.e. a Londoner!)