Rui Ye

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Chinese

Rui holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from Beijing International Studies University and a Master degree in English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation from Beijing Foreign Studies University. After graduation, he started his career in China’s Banking Regulator where he did rotations covering overseas training and talent affairs, annual regulatory research and on-site examination. He also attended international regulatory rules making conference as a member of Chinese delegation. Rui decided to join the Masters in Finance programme at London Business School as he became increasingly aware that in an ever-more interconnected and globalized financial world, regulators need to deepen their knowledge of the industry and exercise greater scrutiny during policy-making to minimize unintended consequences such as regulatory arbitrage. Rui is taking full advantage of the diversity of opportunities at LBS to rediscover himself and enjoy the campus life.