Nona Velez

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Financial Analysis
  • Global Nationality: Colombian

Education: University of Texas at Austin, United States; graduated in 2018

Topic(s) studied: Mathematics and Philosophy

Interested in: Renewable energy, agriculture, technology, education

My greatest challenge when applying to business school was: Finding a school that truly represented my values

About me: I was born in Medellín, Colombia, but moved back and forth between Medellín and the USA. In the US, I lived in Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts and Texas. During my undergraduate degree, I studied mathematics and philosophy, and also did an internship in Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, where I discovered my passion for finance and applying mathematical concepts to finance. After graduating in 2018 from the University of Texas at Austin, I moved back to Medellín, where I worked in investment banking. First, I worked as an in-house M&A analyst for a large infrastructure holding, then I worked at a boutique investment bank called Visum. Throughout my work experience, I developed interests in airports, sustainability, agrobusiness, education and renewable energy. In terms of personal development, I recognised the importance of integrity and value alignment when it comes to work culture and the social impact of my work itself. Besides these interests, I enjoy learning about gender issues, discussing ethical theories, reading (and talking about) books, exploring the food scene in London, and long walks in Regents Park.

Three topics I can be approached about: Moving to London; Women in Business Club; Out in Business Club

Email address: nonav.mfa2021@london.edu

Nona Velez was a recipient of the MFA Merit Scholarship for Women (LBS Fund)

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