Nitya Chopra

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Global Nationality: Indian

Education: BA (Honours), St. Stephen's College, Delhi, India; graduated in 2020

Topic(s) studied: Economics, Computer Science

Interested in: Analytics in financial services or tech firms

My greatest challenge when applying to business school was: Balancing academics and extracurricular responsibilities alongside master’s applications; deciding which round to apply in

About me: Born and raised in India, I knew I had to come to London for my master’s when I travelled to this city for the first time in 2019 to pursue the summer programme in machine learning and applied statistics at Imperial College London. During my undergraduate studies, I particularly enjoyed some of the more application-based and hands-on electives such as econometrics and computer science. The projects I worked on as part of my coursework and internships at Deloitte and Macquarie made me realise that I want to work at the intersection of technology and business, and the MAM at LBS offers the perfect balance between the two. I would be lying if I said I didn't have inhibitions about starting a master's without full-time work experience, especially one in analytics coming from a non-tech background, but my journey here so far has been incredible! I aspire to work as an analyst at a financial services or tech firm which allows me to combine the best of both my degrees. Apart from being a student ambassador, I am also the marketing lead and content strategist for the Women in Business Club's flagship conference, and outside of school, I spend my time exploring the city, hosting dinner nights and working on 'Millenreal', my YouTube channel.

Three topics I can be approached about: Moving to, and settling in, London; prioritising and managing time between academics, clubs and social activities; specific questions about the programme or application process

Email address: nchopra.mam2021@london.edu