Nir Bitan

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance part time
  • Global Nationality: Israeli

Nir graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and has also been a CPA since 2015. Nir is a financial analyst in the Google EMEA SMB Business Finance team, based in Dublin, Ireland. He is responsible for analysing EMEA SMB ads revenue, to impact Google’s business decisions around products, verticals, headcount, opex and more.

Nir decided to join the Masters in Finance programme at LBS for three key reasons: to build a diverse network with exceptional individuals from across the world; to strengthen his financial knowledge through world-class faculty members and a rigorous curriculum; and to leverage the school’s strong reputation and resources to successfully take on more senior positions within the tech industry upon graduation.

In addition to being a student ambassador, Nir is an active member of the Tech and Media Club, the Foodie Club and the Israel Club. In his spare time, Nir enjoys running, hiking and snowboarding, and is also a football fanatic.


Contact: nbitan.mifpt2022@london.edu

Nir Bitan was a recipient of the MiFPT MiF Merit Scholarship (LBS Fund)

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