Nikki Gupta

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: British

Before joining London Business School (LBS), Nikki founded her education technology start-up to help A Level students prepare for their Mathematics exams. Having worked an education consultant for eight years before that, she was driven to scale her expertise and bring down the cost of top quality tutoring at this level.

After four tumultuous years and helping thousands of students improve their grades, she now wants to explore larger scale opportunities within education technology. She chose to come to LBS to make the most of the perfect marriage between the technology ecosystem of London and LBS’s top ranking business education. She intends to use her MBA to consolidate her start-up learnings, pick up some technical skills and take a role as a product manager in a large educational institution.

Beyond the classroom, Nikki has taken the role of VP of total tech at the Tech & Media Club through which she has organised events on product management, bringing experts from technology companies in London to campus to share their experiences with students. She makes the most of many technology meetups that take place in the city and is always on the lookout for speakers to come to campus.

Through the Foodie Club at LBS, Nikki is able to channel her passion for cooking and raising money for charity. She is hosting a dinner for ‘Cook for a cause’ to raise money for victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia.