Nicolas Marseillan

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Argentinean/Spanish

Education: Business Administration, San Andres University, Argentina; graduated in 2014

Pre-MBA industry: Public sector

Pre-MBA role: Chief of Staff of an urbanisation agency, Government of the Province of Buenos Aires

Clubs: Football Club, Consulting Club

About me: Nicolas holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from San Andres University in Argentina. He has more than six years of professional experience gained at Dreyfus, Itau BBA, Grupo Peñaflor and the Argentinian Government. In his last role in the public sector, Nicolas succeeded in creating an agency of 180 employees to urbanise slums in the most critical part of Argentina, managing to improve quality of life for thousands of people who are often left behind. For the last three years, he has also worked as an adjunct professor at Di Tella University, teaching behavioural economics.

After three years working in the government, Nicolas decided to join LBS to enhance his leadership and business skills and build a diverse network around the globe. After the MBA, he hopes to continue his career in management consulting. Nicolas holds an Executive Committee position in the Football Club and is an active member of the Impact Consulting Club.

Three topics I can be approached about: Non-traditional backgrounds; transition into consulting; living with a partner while doing the MBA

Email address: nmarseillan.mba2022@london.edu