Nader Fawaz

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance part time
  • Global Nationality: French/Lebanese

Nader holds a BSc in Finance and Applied Mathematics from the American University of Paris. After graduating in 2012, Nader moved to London where he started his career in finance. He currently works at Crédit Agricole CIB as a director in the fixed income derivatives sales team, covering public institutions such as Sovereign, Supranational and Agencies. His job involves finding hedging strategies for balance sheet management and advising clients on their investments across various financial instruments. Nader grew up between Paris and Beirut, before settling in London seven years ago. He joined LBS to broaden his network and strengthen his technical skills. In addition to being a student ambassador, Nader is also passionate about new technologies and the fintech sector.

Contact: nfawaz.mifpt2021@london.edu