Megha Jose

Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, PSG College of Technology, India; graduated in 2016

Pre-MBA industry: Finance and Technology

Pre-MBA role: Director of Strategy, Fortune Wealth Management

Clubs: Entrepreneurship Club, Football Club

About me: Megha is a computer science engineer from PSG College of Technology in the south of India.

Upon her admittance to LBS, she was awarded the prestigious BK Birla scholarship.

Before LBS, Megha was a product manager at Cisco's cloud services team. Post Cisco, she moved on to her family's investment management firm, where she transformed the company's digital infrastructure and also personally handled over 30 portfolios.

With over two years of experience in the financial services sector, Megha noticed a massive wealth disparity among the Indian population. By powering nationwide financial literacy and making investing accessible to all societal classes, she hopes to reduce this imbalance. She feels that her LBS MBA will empower her to lead this change in her home country.

Megha is the founder and managing trustee of an Indian animal welfare NGO that has built a presence across five cities in less than two years. As a passionate dog lover, she plans to solve the street dog issue in India by rescuing and rehabilitating the 30 million street dog population.

At LBS, she is on the Executive Committee of the Entrepreneurship Club and the Football Club.

Three topics I can be approached about: Working in big tech; wealth management; social entrepreneurship

Email address: megha.mba2023@london.edu